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  • Pearl-spotted owlet
    The Birdy Botanist

Focussed on raising awareness about biodiversity and habitats to promote conservation, my photography is slowly developing into true conservation photography. It is one way of recording Mother Earth’s glorious diversity of life, its beauty and struggle for survival as it faces increasing threats and ecosystem loss. Photography has also become a wonderful distraction from everyday life and rejuvenates my spirit. Being outdoors and capturing brief moments of life to try to raise a connection and love for nature in people helps alleviate my grief and guilt over vanishing species.           

My images are available in high res and prints can be produced at a reasonable price. 10% of sales of photos will go to my favourite conservation NGOs – BirdLife South Africa and WWF South Africa for bird and habitat conservation programmes.  Please contact me if interested.

Please do not use any of these images without my written permission to do so.

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