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Volunteering – BirdLife South Africa

Why volunteer?  BirdLife South Africa wishes to see a country and region where nature and people live in greater harmony, more equitably and sustainably. I do too!  Many species are threatened and this organisation needs all the help it can get to conserve habitats and prevent extinctions. What could be better than being connected to people who share your determination and passion to save species and habitats, who reconnect people with nature and who make the world a better place? 

Why is it important to conserve birds? They are wonderful indicators of the state of the environment, an important component of the world’s biodiversity and they provide important ecosystem services. In general, places that are rich in bird species are also rich in other forms of biodiversity. Their presence indicates a healthy environment.  These are just a few reasons.

Become an ecological citizen – take action and prioritise biodiversity preservation. If you are able to, join me in volunteering for a conservation NGO like BirdLife South Africa.